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1000 acre country estate with residential, commercial & agricultural use. Located on the outskirts of Berkhamsted, Rossway Park Estate is a hub of activity for residents & businesses located in its beautiful surroundings, only a stone's throw away from the Berkhamsted town centre.

The Estate has a history dating back to the 17th century & we are currently rejuvenating & expanding the operations on the property with an exciting new management team, which includes commercial & residential rental, retail, farming, & hospitality. 

Rossway Park Estate has been in the same family for almost 30 years. There is an exciting new management team in place who are rejuvenating and modernising the Estate while staying true to its heritage and designation as an Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty. Current projects being looked at includes the following :

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Solar Farming


Sustainable Rossway



30-minute train ride to London

High-speed fibre-optic broadband

Designated area of natural outstanding beauty


Self Storage Services

Berkhamsted Self Storage is run on the Estate, which includes containers, silos, workshops and parking bays. Safe, secure and easily accessible 7 days a week off the national motorway network, it's perfect for storing commercial or personal items, such as caravans, boats, vehicles, furniture, stocks, work tools, etc.



We offer commercial rentals for office space to all kinds of businesses. We currently house businesses such as tech retail companies, hospitality and hotel groups, builders, personal training, boxing, local artisans and more.

We have a number of cottages, terrace houses and flats available. Our units are highly sought after not only for their location amongst natural beauty (and a wonderful place to walk dogs) but for security being located in a gated community.

Our Alpacas


Our resident alpacas. Alpacas originated in South America and are considered domestic livestock. While generally calm, they get a little spitty if they’re overly excited or a bit moody. When we sheer ours, their wool is used for arts and crafts, and we use their manure in our walled garden to grow plants, fruit and veg, and flowers for the Estate. 

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