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If you're looking for an office space that's classic, peaceful and secure to run your business from, you've come to the right place, we might just have the perfect solution for you.

The Old Dairy

The Old Dairy is a striking office space with distinctive features. At 760sf (71sq m) it’s completely self contained and ready to move in. With a reception, two office spaces, a bathroom (with shower) and kitchen, it’s the only unit we have available of its kind.

The Tudor Barns

Hot out of the oven, we have a converted Tudor barn with three workshops and a storage attic. With lots of outlets and ready to move in and add your special touches, it’s perfect for workshops, co-working space, offices, music studio, or artisan studio. The small studios are 17.3sqm and large is 35sqm.

* The large and small barn is unavailable.

The storage attic is still available.

The Studios

The studios are large blank canvases whose only limit is your imagination. Previously these have been used by retail companies as a hybrid office and workshop, showroom, or pure office space. The units can be joined together if required.

The Piggery

Other than having the best name on the Estate unless you think too hard about it, this is a single-story unit with a versatile long footprint. This space is perfect for an artist studio, workshop, or stable (and can be rented with the joining field to let your horse out directly)